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About Azure College

Azure College is your stepping-stone to a successful civilian career. We understand the specific needs of Veterans and the challenges you face when transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce.

We’ll not only train you in industry-leading techniques and up-to-the-second real-world knowledge, but we’ll also support you along every step of your journey – from enrollment and financial aid applications to helping you find fulfilling employment after graduation.

  • The Program

    As a highly trained US Military Medic, the skills and experience you built while serving overseas have a valuable and important place in …

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  • Why Become an RN

    Registered nurses are the glue that keeps our hospitals and healthcare facilities together. A career as an RN is one of the most challenging …

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    At Azure College, we’ll help you through the admission process step by step. Our Military Medic to RN Fast Track program …

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  • Financial Aid & VA

    Your service to our country is deeply respected, and the government has put in place legislation to help support your transition into …

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