About Azure College

About Azure College

Azure College is your stepping-stone to a successful civilian career. We understand the specific needs of Veterans and the challenges you face when transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce.

We’ll not only train you in industry-leading techniques and up-to-the-second real-world knowledge, but we’ll also support you along every step of your journey – from enrollment and financial aid applications to helping you find fulfilling employment after graduation.


Our focus on practical, career-orientated education and training, coupled with our hands-on approach delivered by educators with expert real-world experience, has made Azure College one of the fastest growing private sector colleges in Florida.

Our education and training programs are developed in consultation with industry experts to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their fields. That means Azure College students receive focused specialized training in the latest industry trends, software, tools and equipment for a relevant, real-world education.

As a result, Azure College graduates are well respected in the professional industries we serve and sought after to fill the best positions in the healthcare, information technology and business fields that continue to experience explosive growth in a service-based 21st century economy.


Our three campuses – Miami Gardens, Sebring and Boca Raton – are strategically located around Florida to provide a convenient and socially engaging student lifestyle that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Our Allied Health and career training campuses in Florida are among the newest and most technologically advanced education and training facilities in the state. All our campuses support student laptops and tablets and our student knowledge center offers 24/7 access for downloading textbooks, academic, financial and other specialized information.


Azure College is proud of its standing in the great multicultural state of Florida as a leader in cultural and ethnic diversity and is committed to not only providing an atmosphere of social inclusion, but also to embracing a diversity of ideas and experiences as part of a well-rounded education.

That extends particularly to our students who have served in the military. Not only do we hold an enormous amount of respect for your combat experience and have dedicated ourselves to helping you apply your expert knowledge in a civilian context, but we believe we also have much to learn from you. As Veterans, you offer remarkable life experiences and a culture of success that makes Azure College a better institution.


And just like you, we’re focused on results too. Azure College emphasizes quality instruction and upholds the highest standards. We strive to set a benchmark of at least 70 per cent success in student retention, placement rate and outcome of license and certification examinations.

Studying at Azure College will be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding times of your life, and we welcome you to pay us a visit today. Simply contact one of our friendly admissions team and we’ll be happy to organize a campus tour and explain your course and financial options for a smooth, stress-free enrollment process.

Azure College, your next right decision.

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